Starting as the vision of two U.S.-based orthopedic surgeons, OrthoNations has become a generous and welcoming not-for-profit organization aimed at connecting like-minded orthopedic surgeons across the globe with the education, training, and equipment needed to advance orthopedic care internationally. 

Progressing at ever-increasing speeds, modern medicine, including orthopedic surgery and the refined surgical techniques and technology utilized to provide advanced orthopedic care, is scarce for those in countries with less developed economies and healthcare systems. Being that our access to both knowledge and technology in the developed world is greater than at any time in history, our great fortune has resulted in a gap between us and those in less developed countries. However, physicians in these countries also wish to provide state of the art medical care for their patients.

Our goal at OrthoNations is to foster cross-cultural scholarship and support for orthopedic surgeons where this gap is significantly impacting the quality of life. Through OrthoNations, the knowledge gap will lessen through guest lectures on educational topics abroad and training for surgeons and medical support staff both overseas and stateside. Additionally, necessary medical equipment and technology no longer being used in the United States will be repurposed elsewhere in the world, where it is in dire need.

Since its inception in 2015, OrthoNations has been privately funded by the founders and other generous donations. As we continue our efforts, donations are needed and greatly appreciated.